Autumn Manor

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“If you’ve ever been truly in love, you’ll identify with Lexie and James.” Judy Alter, Story Circle Book Reviews.

“Wonderful and beautifully written … easy to read but with a lot of heart and emotion.” Mish, Goodreads.

“This novel had me cheering, crying, yelling – a whole range of emotions.” Maria Mitchell.

A man hanged himself in the front room of the now abandoned old mansion; Rachael Price, along with everyone in the village, knew the story. But that was a long time ago and the tale had become nothing more than an urban myth by the time Rachael was born.

Eighty-nine-year-old Carrie Howell, dressed in her Sunday-best, asked her granddaughter Rachael, to stop a while in front of the rambling old mansion—Autumn Manor. Who were the people her grandmother was remembering and what was her connection to the ‘haunted house’ that Rachael avoided as a child?


ISBN:Print 978-0-9807532-6-4 / Ebook 978-0-9871605-4-6
Format: Trade paperback  / Ebook
Publication date: April 2012
Category: Historical fiction / Romance
Imprint: Atlas Productions
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