From High Heels to Handcuffs

From High Heels post

I really related to this book, and I think a lot of women over 35 or so would relate to it as well.  Some of the author’s phrases like “treading water” were very real to me.” Christine Clarke, Goodreads

For anyone who loves a story about reinvention of self then this is for you.”  Siobhan Coleman, Goodreads

This was so real for anyone going through a relationship crisis. Picked it up because I identified with someone who is at a life crossroads at 40 with no children. Very diverse topics, so good for our book club.” Johanna, Goodreads

I was able to identify with the author and the themes in this book. The way she dealt with change was similar to the way I had encountered it.Jessica Payne, Goodreads

What makes a girl throw away a six-figure salary and a marketing career to enter the Police Service? A) A mid-life crisis? B) Trying to escape a failing marriage? C) The search to reignite her passion for life? D) All of the above?

For the author, it was ‘D’, all of the above. Nearing forty, childless, tired of her career and with the new-found discovery that her husband was cheating, the time had come to make some tough decisions. The author begins a journey to reignite her passion for life. From High Heels to Handcuffs is for anybody who has ever lost their footing in this world and wondered, ‘can I start again?’


ISBN:Print 978-0-9807532-2-6 / Ebook ASIN: B004NIFTPQ
Format: Trade paperback  and Ebook
Publication date: February 2011
Category: Non-fiction, memoir
Imprint: Atlas Productions
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