Graveyard of the Atlantic

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“Every time you think you have it figured out, something else happens or comes to light that changes the perspective. Great foreshadowing throughout and a big surprise at the end. A fast read because you can’t put it down.” Lorraine Montgomery, Ms M’s Bookshelf

“The interactions between these characters, and the way that the whole team works is undoubtedly one of the great strengths.” Karen, Aust Crime Fiction Reviews

 “This is a very readable book and one I found hard to put down. The plot was clever, the procedures followed by our intrepid team were not too outrageous, the characters were likable and the dialogue was sharp and funny.” Phrynne, Aussie Readers, Goodreads

“This book makes for compelling reading.” Michael Swensson, Aussie Readers, Goodreads

“Aussie author Helen Goltz has amazing talent! Her characters have depth and vulnerability and the storyline is intense and gripping.” Brenda Telford, Aussie Readers and Goodreads’ Librarian

Below the surface of the ocean, off the shores of Cape Hatteras, lie the bodies of many ships that never made it to shore and something more … silent and sinister.

Two sets of fresh fingerprints on a pair of binoculars left on the beach are cause for concern for FBI special agent Mitchell Parker and his team, Nick Everett, Ellen Beetson and Samantha Moore. The prints belong to a criminal that is currently not listed as in the country and a foreign diplomat who disappeared a year ago.

And are the six Beijing police officers that are guests of the USA to study, the same six officers that left Beijing?

It’s a rough and violent ride for Mitchell Parker and his team against the ocean and the clock.


ISBN: 978-0-9871605-9-1
Format: Trade paperback and ebook
Publication date: September 2014
Category: Fiction / Crime / Thriller / Mystery
Imprint: Atlas Productions
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