In the ninth book in the exciting Grave Tales series, journalists Helen Goltz and Chris Adams visit Tasmania cemeteries to unearth some great tales.

Stories include:

  • Mark Jeffrey: a Port Arthur prisoner who lived with the 1100 or so deceased residents on the Isle of the Dead and should have been buried there…
  • Sylvia McArthur: a girl who died young but made her mark documenting in letters to a newspaper’s children’s page what life was like in the mining towns.
  • Frederick Thompson: was the last man hanged in Tasmania. His crime, the murder of young, Eveline Mary Maughan. He claimed his innocence to the end.
  • Roy Cazaly: footy fans still sing the song about him, Up There Cazaly, but the champion moved to Tasmania where his life took him on a different track.    
  • John Joseph Sweeney: a Tasmanian soldier who joined the NZ forces as a tunneller, planting explosives under German trenches, but met a terrible fate.
  • The Neva: the female convict ship that carried over 200 passengers and crew, but when it hit a reef, it was not women and children first.
  • Thomas Nevin may have created the first mugshots in Tasmania, capturing poignant images of men who ended their days on Tasmania’s gallows.
  • Martin Cash: has been described as a rarity – a bushranger who lived to retire.

… And 10 more stories in this volume.

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Paperback ISBN: 978-0-6453966-2-1| ebook ASIN B0B7JN6NSG

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Pages: 300pp
Publication date: released 1 October 2022.
Category: Non-fiction, crime, true crime, Australiana, history, modern history, biography, cold case.
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Journalists, Helen Goltz and Chris Adams have between them spent many decades in the print and electronic media working for network television,  radio, and state and community newspapers. With a joint love of history, digging for a good story and storytelling, they have collaborated to create a series of books that brings our history to life again.