Death by Sugar and Death by Disguise

If you are a fan of Kathryn Ledson or Janet Evanovich (though Jesse Clarke is a lot more reliable, sensible and doesn’t over share her personal life as does Stephanie Plumb) you will love unravelling the mysteries in the Jesse Clarke series. Carol,  Reading, Writing and Riesling

Often I know from as little as the first paragraph if I am going to enjoy an authors writing style – definitely true for this book. Jennie – Daystarz Books

Bound to get all those armchair detectives wanting to find out how on earth sugar can be involved in death! Marcia, Book Muster Down Under

This was a book I sat down and read in ONE day… it’s very rare when it happens. Laura – Goodreads

Private investigator, Jesse Clarke, is new to the game; the game of private investigating that is. But, her personal trainer boyfriend, Dominic, would much prefer she sticks to her publicity business.  Jesse’s certainly attracting some quirky cases and with her business partner Ed, police contact Officer Jason who has more than a professional interest in Jesse, and best friend Melanie, consider Jesse on the job!


Jesse Clarke thought sugar was such a friendly substance, until it appears in two of her cases for all the wrong reasons. Traces of sugar were connected to a bomb that blew up her client’s Mercedes. Was the bomb meant to kill or was it just a warning of what is to come? And could sugar have duped the immune system of a client’s mother over thirty years ago, resulting in death? Juggling the two cases—one in the present and one in the past—Jesse finds herself talking to the living and the dead to get results.


The dead are walking and it is not even Halloween! Sassy private investigator Jesse Clarke knew it wasn’t going to be a normal week when two dead people are spotted alive but their death certificates say otherwise, Spiderman steals a collection of costumes made for the next Comic Con, and Batman drops in to warn her that all is not as it seems. Supported by her own man of steel—the tall, dark and handsome Dominic; business partner Ed; police contact Officer Jason who has more than a professional interest in Jesse; and, best friend Melanie, Jesse finds herself talking to witches, superheroes and morticians to solve her two cases and looking behind the disguises for answers! Jesse Clarke is back!


Jesse Clarke’s 10-year school reunion boasted a few shocks – and that didn’t include Jesse running a publicity and private investigator business. Rather, the talk of the reunion was Alex Bryson, the overweight kid who transformed himself thanks to winning a place on the TV reality program, Lose it! But a week after the reunion, Alex is dead. That’s not the only reunion that’s taking up Jesse’s time. At a client’s family reunion and birthday celebration, a very expensive Titanic relic goes missing – a Titanic Mourning Bear. And now T-Bear, as he is known, is showing up all over the country! With support from boyfriend, Dominic, along with her grumpy business partner Ed, Police Officer Jason, and Jesse’s enthusiastic best friend, Melanie, Jesse is back solving mysteries while juggling publicity clients including Mona and her choir, again.


Helen Goltz is a Queensland-based journalist and author of historic romance/suspense and mystery thrillers. She also writes the non-fiction ‘Grave Tales‘ series with Logie award-winning journalist, Chris Adams. Helen studied English literature and communications at universities in Queensland and also has a diploma in counselling. She has worked for News Ltd; the Seven television network; Macquarie Media radio; and edited the Suncorp Literary Awards. She is published by Next Chapter and Atlas Productions.

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