What makes a girl throw away a six-figure salary and a marketing career to become a Police cadet? A) A mid-life crisis? B) Trying to escape a failing marriage? C) The search to reignite her passion for life? D) All of the above?

From High Heels to Handcuffs

From High Heels to Handcuffs

Genres: Memoir, Non fiction

When everything around you is collapsing, what do you do? One woman did what any self-respecting marketing executive would do, she threw it all in and ran away!

In a battle to reignite her passion for life, regain her self-esteem and find herself again, the author tried her hand at a number of life-changing jobs. At 39, she became a police cadet; at 40 she packed the car, and with her beloved Boxer dog, 'ran away' to become an editor of a newspaper in a seaside community. At 41, she came to her senses, came home, settled down, and began again.

From High Heels to Handcuffs is for anybody who has ever lost their footing in this world and wondered, 'can I start again?'

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