A great, dark little tale of passion and brooding,” Christine Reichs.

“Did she do it? My money is on yes!” J.T. Burke.

Three Parts Truth

Three Parts Truth

Genre: Mystery

“Last night you were in my dreams. I hate that. I woke up exhausted, as though I had lived through it all again -the police, the press and the vilification.”

Catherine Jameson—thirty, a widow in hiding—doesn’t know what happened that night. Two bodies found: her husband and his ex-lover. Was it a murder-suicide or accidental death and suicide?

Or, as some believe, did Catherine have a hand in it? Living a new life with a cottage to renovate and her dog, Buddy, for company, Catherine picks through the ruins of her old life to find answers.

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ISBN:Print 978-0-9871605-8-4 / Ebook 978-0-9941822-2-7
Format: Trade paperback and ebook
Publication date: September 2013
Category: Fiction / Crime /  Suspense / Mystery / Psychological
Imprint: Atlas Productions