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If you foresaw the Holocaust, would you kill Hitler?

If you foresaw the Holocaust, would you kill Hitler?

You know what he plans to do, you know how he plans to do it.

If you had the chance to kill Hitler before he took office, before the Holocaust, would you do it knowing what you know now?

You could save millions, but no-one would understand that; you would be a loner, considered a crazed killer, not a hero.

In Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, Johnny Smith is faced with a similar dilemma when he awakens from a coma with the power to see the future and the terrible fate awaiting mankind (no spoiler alert necessary – but a must-read).

Nostradamus enthusiasts have credited him with predicting many historic events including the rise of Adolf Hitler, but his interpretation is ambiguous and could be interpreted in various ways. It is definitely not a statement that would evoke action.

In The Fourth Reich an old enemy rears its ugly head across two continents and must be shut down. What does the government know? How widespread is it? Could it happen again?